Helps you understand investing in finance & stock market.

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Pieket bad and good news illustration

Helps you quickly check
the Good and Bad news

We've been wondering how you can quickly check the Good and Bad news.
We've also tried to make news more useful.
You can check the weekly and monthly stats through the Good and Bad news.
Find information and stocks which are valuable and profitable!

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Helps you quickly
to read the news

Are those secret words?
Why does the press use complex words :(
That's why we provide you PieKet.
Easier and faster to read.
You can also find core information through highlights in the news.

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Helps you quickly
to review profiles

Are you looking for information and stocks that are valuable and profitable?
PieKet helps you easy to find it.
We currently provide profiles of Indices, Sectors, and Companies.
To make it easier for you to understand, PieKet provides the status of financials.
Check "Growing" and "Falling" of Financials out!

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